Ants see this all the time,
but they don‘t get any electricity

Our story

We created Archee as a platform for innovation and primary research in areas neighbouring architecture. Within 10 years of creating energy efficient, low carbon footprint houses in oximoron platform, we found many ideas and solutions that we plan to develop.


Inovative wind energy harvesting device was invented during work on off grid building. We were searching for wind turbine that would fit the landscape and could not find one, so we decided to design it ourselves.

After experiments with different configurations of airfoils, we arrived at simple yet elegant idea of grass flapping in the wind. Concept was tested on scale prototypes and preliminary aerodynamic calculations.

S.P.E.A.R. drawing

Preliminary assessment indicates that SPEAR is superior to conventional turbines by the means of aesthetical and environmental impact, and also competitive in the power/price ratio.


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Martin Sichman

architecture, invention

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Boris Melus

design, PR

Our previous projects

Passive housePassive house plan

Passive house on northern slope

Family house is dealing with lack of sunlight during the winter by enveloped winter garden. In summer this garden is cooling the house utilizing chimney effect.

Energy efficient houseEnergy efficient house plan

Energy efficient house on southern slope

Family house is cooling itself via ground collector. Air is driven by low pressure zone in roof jet area, created by venturi effect. This effect occurs when sun shines, heating up the southern slope, creating anabatic airflow. In winter ground collector is used to pre-heat air used by ventilation recuperation unit.


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